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The Young Landlord

 A platform for aspiring young adults to learn, strategize, and become YOUNG LANDLORDS. We are dedicated to increasing the number of YOUNG LANDLORDS, while also providing resources for new landlords to conquer their real estate career. We are here to Normalize Young LandLords!

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“This is the best platform for aspiring landlords. This page has given me confidence and strategy to become a landlord! I am closing on my first property in 3 weeks!”


Adamma, USA


Crystal Adamma  is a realtor who has a passion for financial literacy. She uses her YouTube channel and blog posts to teach people across the world on how to invest in properties. 

Over her four years of content creation she has received over 1 million views on YouTube, cultivated a community of 10, 900 people, and continues to engages with people across the world. She has currently consulted and created individualized plans for more than 40 people on how to obtain their first property.

In September 2019, Crystal Adamma became a home owner, landlord, and investor. She purchased a 4 unit property on the outskirts of Chicago. Her 2016 dream finally became a reality. Her goal is to show young adults that they are cable of home ownership! 

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